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Force free, reward based dog behavior modification and training


Angie’s passion is modifying the behavior of challenging dogs, the dogs considered aggressive or anxious. Angie’s training and behavior modification has been established on the scientific principles of learning, emphasizing positive reinforcement. The level of expertise Angie provides is demonstrated through her force free and fear free approach. Her obligation to dogs and owners while they’re achieving training goals, is to promote professionalism, grounded in the ethical treatment of animals.

Currently, she is working to obtain certification as a behavior consultant through the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and the PPAB (Pet Professional Accreditation Board). She has personal and professional experience ranging from ownership of a dangerous dog, to evaluating and working with dogs & cats in shelter and boarding environments. She has accumulated a variety of education from professional, world wide educational conferences, seminars, workshops, online education sources, independent research and hands on experience.


Force free is the method of animal training that does not rely upon physical force, intimidation, pain, fear, prong collars, choke collars and any electronic collar device to teach an animal skills, or modify their behavior.



Behavior Modification & Training

Behavior Consultation - $150.00

A two hour information gathering consultation for aggression, generalized anxiety, and separation anxiety to determine prognosis and modification plan. 

Aggression - $150.00/Session

Behavior Consult required-  Service is for dogs who have inflicted a bite(s) to a person or dog. One, 1 hour, carefully constructed training session per week. 

Generalized Anxiety (Fear) - $150.00/Session

Behavior Consult Required- One, 1 hour training session per week. Follow up support provided via email or text. 

Separation Anxiety - $175.00/Session

Behavior Consult Required- One, 1 hour training session per week. Extensive follow up support provided via email, phone, text or skype correspondences. 

Skype Consult - $75.00

Skype consult to provide National and International remote support to those looking for guidance and training advice.

Dog Walking

Walk & Train $75.00 per walk (5 Walks Minimum)

Behavior Consult Required- Training tasks OR behavior modification while out on a walk.

Solo Walk - $30 Thirty minutes

Solo Walk/Hike $45 One hour

Unfortunately, Angie does not provide group dog walks. Angie designates her time and attention for dogs with special needs or who may not be suitable for group walks. For a list of group dog walking referrals, please submit an inquiry.

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Animal Care & Control
Lost, Found or Stolen Pet Reporting, Spay and Neutering and Adoptions


Growl, Snarl, Snap
Educational Material for owners with reactive dogs


Adoptions, Spay/Neuter Clinic, Vet Behaviorist, Group Classes, and other support


Fearful Dogs
Educational material for owners with fearful and anxious dogs


Oakland Animal Services
Eastbay Lost, Found or Stolen Pet Reporting, Spay/Neuter services and Adoptions


Veterinary Behaviorists
Dr. Keely Commins 


Muzzle Up Project
Educational material for owners to address aggression, reactivity and muzzles


Veterinary Behaviorists
Jeannine Berger